My hometown is Shanghai, China.

Besides academics, I am an amateur runner and chess player. My lichess rating is around top 10%. My profile photo was taken after I finished my first half marathon in May 2018.

I have been very successful in fighting with obesity. In 2017, my body weight dropped from 100kg to 69kg in 6 months: before, after.

Here is a story (in Chinese) about how I independently re-discovered Poncelet’s Theorem [1] [2] in 2011 as a high-schooler. It is among the top-voted answers in the maths category of zhihu.com (Chinese version of Quora).

I like free and open-source software, especially the ones that respect user privacy. Some of my favourites are: Debian, Lineage OS, F-Droid, Signal, Zotero, Joplin.