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  1. Fundamental Limits and Tradeoffs in Invariant Representation Learning

  2. Adversarially Robust Generalization Just Requires More Unlabeled Data

Journal Papers

  1. Identifiability of Nonparametric Mixture Models and Bayes Optimal Clustering

Conference Papers

  1. Boosted CVaR Classification

  2. DORO: Distributional and Outlier Robust Optimization

  3. Learning Complexity of Simulated Annealing

  4. Sharp Statistical Guarantees for Adversarially Robust Gaussian Classification

  5. Class-Weighted Classification: Trade-offs and Robust Approaches

  6. Learning Sparse Nonparametric DAGs

  7. MACER: Attack-free and Scalable Robust Training via Maximizing Certified Radius

  8. Optimal Analysis of Subset-Selection Based L_p Low Rank Approximation

  9. Bilu-Linial Stability, Certified Algorithms and the Independent Set Problem

  10. The Sample Complexity of Semi-Supervised Learning with Nonparametric Mixture Models

  11. Low Rank Approximation of Binary Matrices: Column Subset Selection and Generalizations

Bachelor Thesis

On Low Rank Approximation of Binary Matrices , 二元矩阵的低秩近似

PDF (In Chinese)

Thesis Advisor: Prof. Liwei Wang.

Top-10 Bachelor Thesis Award in School of EECS, 2016 (The only recipient in department of Machine Intelligence)